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PPC is a form of advertising that is used to bring visitors to your website by using search ads for which you only pay for when someone clicks through.

In addition to Google Ads, Facebook Advertising is also a popular PPC platform.

Here are two really interesting facts for you to think over:

A. 64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to purchase something online

B. Among the companies that use PPC advertising, 84% use Facebook as a platform, 41% use Google and 18% use LinkedIn

Why is PPC so popular with advertisers? Because it helps them attract quality traffic. For Digital Marketing company in Hyderabad check Vivid Digital.

By placing ads that only display when specific search phrases are used or on websites that have a specific kind of audience base, you can target well-matched audience to your business. This ensures that your website attracts visitors that are more likely to convert into buyers.

If that’s not enough, consider this: you only pay for clicks and you can monitor the performance of your ads in real time. Benefits like these are why PPC advertising has proven to be highly successful for small businesses.

Content Marketing

When it comes to the digital marketing basics, one component that has been the talk of the town is content marketing.

According to The Content Marketing Institute, it is a marketing approach focused on creating and sharing valuable and relevant content on a consistent basis to entice and retain a clearly-defined audience, and eventually, to drive customers to take a profitable action.

This is the most accurate definition out there. Let’s simplify it a bit. For Website development services in Hyderabad check Vivid Design Consultancy.

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy which focuses on creating strong relationships with your audience by giving them high-quality, relevant content.

So when customers make a decision to buy something, they are already loyal to you.

This content can be blog posts, articles, email newsletters, white papers, case studies, research papers/reports, infographics, videos, webinars, e-magazines, e-books, and much, much more.

Why has content marketing become so important?

Because brands are trying to answer the million dollar question: when customers go online to research a product/service before making the final buying decision (and 81% of them do), who’d they find – you or your competitors?

The one thing you need to understand about digital marketing basics is this: being visible is everything. More and more people are going online to research and buy products and services, and if you want to catch their attention, you need to be found first.

That’s where content marketing comes in.To know more information on SEO Services check Cidoc2015

It’s all about creating highly valuable pieces of content for different parts of the purchasing cycle – from the research phase down to after-sales.

The purpose of content marketing for a business is to educate potential customers, establish authority, and build loyalty. The point is to win their hearts with your highly-useful and helpful content. That way when they are finally ready to buy, they are more likely to choose you over your competition.

Why do you think we’ve taken the time to write all these comprehensive articles! We think that the more you know about LYFE Marketing and our take on digital marketing basics, the more likely you are to choose us to help you with your business.

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