Volvo XC60 Overview

No other premium segment is as teeming and full as the mid-size SUV segment. Earlier dominated by the likes of Audi Q5 and BMW X3, the segment has countersigned a lot of action in the last couple of years, thanks to the ever-practical Mercedes GLC and the stunning Jaguar F-Pace. Now, it’s bound to be even more difficult for those looking to buy a mid-size SUV as Volvo, too, have come up with an all-new model.The car in question is the 2017 XC60. Now in its second generation, the XC60 is entirely new as it’s based on Volvo’s SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) platform. The drivetrain is all-new as well and so is the cabin and most of what’s on the equipment list. Not too big, nor too small, the XC60 is the SUV sweet spot in Volvo’s range, however, is it good enough to keep up with the more established rivals? Volvo XC60 On road price starts from 51,22,284/-. Check for price details of Volvo XC60 in CarzPrice.

Volvo XC60 Design

The flexibility of SPA allows Volvo to create cars that have the right stance and proportions as required by their application. So, while the XC60 is quite easily recognisable as a Volvo, thanks to various signature styling elements, the company has ensured the SUV exudes a character different from its older sibling. Where the XC90’s tall stance and more vertically oriented design comes off as stately, the horizontally inclined design of the XC60 lends it a more youthful persona. In a world of nesting egg designs, this is quite a welcome change.

From the front, there’s no mistaking this for anything but a Volvo – it’s got the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ DRLs and the large rectangular seatbelt-motif grille with its classy-looking chromed vertical slats. The fog lights are easy to miss, but they are neatly set low and wide into the lowest edge of the front bumper. Moving to the side, the profile is sleek – the bonnet is long, the windscreen is quite steeply raked and the window line smoothly rises towards the rear, where the D-pillar is sharply raked forward. The 19-inch black diamond-cut alloys look nice and seem large enough for an SUV of this size. The signature vertical boomerang-style tail-lights dominate the rear and bracket the Volvo lettering stretched across the center.

Volvo XC60 Cabin

Launched as a Tech-Pack, the interior of the one and only variant welcomes you with a slew of tech, great ambience with high comfort levels. Giving the complement to its exterior, the interior of the Volvo XC60 comes with a beautifully crafted cabin, premium leather and the tailored dash with contrasting stitching and driftwood inlays allow the magnificence of the materials to speak for themselves. While, the highlights of the Volvo XC60 is the gear level knob, made of Orrefors crystal glass and a diamond shaped start/stop button. The controls for the suspension has been designed in a laudable rolling dial. The advanced infotainment system gives a complete futuristic touch with the 9-inch touchscreen functionality, enabling smartphone like features such as swiping, pinching, and enlarging. The previous model used to come with the clutter of buttons which has been replaced with a few tactile filled buttons. Both the rows gives a sense of comfort with its spacious and roomy cabin that gives ample leg space for the passengers. Another major attraction of the Volvo XC60 interior is the panoramic sunroof. The height-adjustment feature for both driver and passenger seat is an important feature available in this Tech Pack. Some additional features that you will find are parking assist and hill descent controls. This variant has additional facilities such as the 15-speaker Bowers and Wilkins audio system. The ventilated front seats and the Nappa leather upholstery give a majestic look to the Volvo XC60. The attractive Volvo XC60 interiors would surely give a good competition to its closest rival, the Q5.

Volvo XC60 Engine

Under the muscular hood of the XC90 rests Volvo’s 2-litre, four-cylinder diesel motor that makes a solid 235bhp and 480Nm of torque. Thanks to the class-leading output, the XC60 feels brisk from the word go. On part throttle, the car is quick to react both in the city and at higher speeds thanks to the flat torque spread and a quick 8-speed automatic. If anything, this engine behaves its best on part throttle wherein it can ride the wave of torque and allow the gearbox to upshift early. The midrange pull is particularly strong and even at the top-end, this motor remains composed. The overall refinement levels, in fact, are quite high with little in terms of engine and road noise entering the cabin at normal speeds.

The highlight of the XC60’s running gear is the electronically controlled air suspension with adaptive dampers. It not only constantly adapts to the road conditions but offers a whole lot more. For instance, it will keep the car at a constant height and level, irrespective of the passenger or luggage load. What’s more, when the engine is turned off, it will lower the car by 40mm for easy exit or entry. Finally, it will lower the car to its lowest setting at high speeds for better stability and increase the ground clearance by up to 40mm in Off-Road driving mode. Speaking of driving modes, the XC60 has five of them – Eco, Comfort, Dynamic, Off-Road and Individual. Unsurprisingly, the Volvo feels the calmest in Eco, with its throttle response feeling mushy and the gearbox upshifting early. Switch to Dynamic and you get a steering that’s noticeably heavier and a gearbox that hangs onto lower gears and upshifts over 4,500rpm. That being said, we found the XC60 to be the most intuitive in Individual mode as it allows the driver to alter the steering, gearbox, brakes and the suspension separately to suit their mood.

The old XC60 wasn’t all that great dynamically but this 2017 model is a lot better. First of all, the steering is no longer vague off-center and it weighs up nicely as you up the pace – it’s fairly direct and heavy (though not to the point that its cumbersome) in Dynamic, giving you plenty of confidence through high speed corners. The ride quality, too, has improved with the 2017 model exhibiting plenty of composure over a few bad sections that we managed to find on our test route. Sure, you do hear the suspension working but there is hardly any lateral movement or unsettling jolts. On the highway, the XC60 remains composed with just a hint of up and down movement. Overall, it’s a great long distance car, one that will cover up kilometers for hours without leaving the occupants fatigued.

Volvo XC60 Driving

All four drive modes offer varying ride heights: Dynamic is the lowest setting to aid handling, Eco is higher in a bid to strike a balance between good ride and aero performance, Comfort is higher still and offers better damping, while, naturally, Off-Road is the highest.Volvo doesn’t expect the XC60 to do serious off-roading, and neither do most owners. We, however, did try it out over a few rough sections. Off-road ability is moderate, and the ride height and bits like hill descent will help traverse more serious stuff (we’ll find out at our annual off-road day).

The XC60 air suspension system offers great high-speed stability, and the car does a great job of masking speed; quite often, we found ourselves going faster than we actually thought. Also, the sharp edge normally associated with air springs isn’t as harsh, and body roll, while present, isn’t alarming. Low-speed ride quality, however, can get lumpy, and while road bumps don’t come jarring through, you do feel them. Comfort mode is pretty soft; in one particular instance, a crest, taken a little faster than usual, caused enough body lift for the safety system to kick in and tighten up our seat belts. We found Dynamic mode best for everyday use. Of course, you could go to the Individual setting and set-up the car exactly how you’d like it; most would probably find it perfect with the suspension left in Dynamic, and the rest of the car in Comfort. Book a test drive for Volvo XC60 in Tryaldrive

Steering feel is nice and light at low speeds, and it also weights up as speeds increase. However, feedback isn’t pin-sharp and handling too is quite similar. This isn’t your sporty SUV by any standard, but you do get the feeling that Volvo wasn’t even trying to achieve this, preferring instead to focus on a comfortable and relaxed drive feel.

Volvo XC60 Safety

Known for its safety, Volvo’s XC60 has ventilated disk brakes for both the front as well as rear wheels and no compromises when it comes to installation of airbags, you get safety airbags for every passenger. While the automatic height adjustable seat belts and the intelligent driver information system are one of the highlights of Volvo XC60 Braking and Safety features.Further on the safety front is the use of five different types of steel and aluminium, including high-strength boron steel that Volvo claims gives them the ability to have lighter parts without compromising on safety.

Volvo XC60 Price

Volvo Xc60 Ex-Showroom Price in India ranges from 51,22,284/- (XC60 Inscription) to 51,22,284/- (XC60 Inscription). Get best offers for Volvo Xc60 from Volvo Dealers in India

Volvo XC60 Verdict

So is the 2017 Volvo XC60 good enough to compete with its rivals with more popular badges? It certainly is. As a premium mid-size SUV it nails the brief quite nicely, featuring a refined and powerful motor, well sorted dynamics and an exquisite cabin that’s loaded to the roofline. Although what sets it apart from the rest is its full suite of active features and that sense of individuality you get from driving a Volvo. So if you are in the market for a mid-size SUV that’s a little out there, the XC60 is worthy choice, if you can get around Volvo’s sparse dealer network, that is.

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