The Power Of Social Media

The evolution of computer and technology has led to innovations and inventions that have made the lives of people more convenient. It has also led to discoveries and breakthroughs, from genetic engineering to robotics, among others. However, when it comes to the power of social media and its significance in industries, most directors, investors and

Volkswagen Ameo First Drive Review

Volkswagen Ameo Overview Volkswagen seems to have gotten most of the things right with its debutante entrant in the compact sedan segment. The Ameo can easily outsell its rivals when it comes to features. Volkswagen has loaded it to the brim. Even mechanically it comes with one of the best engine and transmission options.The Ameo

BMW X1 Hatchback First Drive Review

BMW X1 Overview The BMW X1 is smart and has an SUV silhouette, but tough and imposing it is not. On the inside, the X1 is typical BMW. The design conforms to the template but some of the plastics feel scratchy and aren’t up to the mark. Drivers will like the reasonable view out while

Fiat Linea Classic First Drive Review

Fiat Linea Classic Overview The Fiat in India has a great reputation of highly reliable engines and long lasting build quality of cars. Fiat Linea classic is one such sedan that has been in the Indian car market for many years and has been upgraded few times as well. The latest edition of it is

Audi A4 Hatchback First Drive Review

Audi A4 Overview When Audi launched the brand-new A4 in the petrol variant last year we were really impressed by its all-round ability. Thanks to a more able chassis, the new generation A4 was much nicer to drive than its predecessor and the modern cabin with its ultra-crisp virtual cockpit system just blew us away.