Hyundai Eon Overview

The Hyundai Eon is one of the most stylish looking hatchback this price point. The Alto 800 has simple styling, which the Kwid looks rugged. It is only the Eon that is funky. The Eon’s Fluidic Design makes it look stylish. The interiors of the Eon are also stylish and this makes it look good. The interiors are also simple and appealing in looks. The Eon is now available with a 800cc engine and 1.0-litre with a five-speed manual transmission. The Eon returns an efficiency of 21.2km/l. There is even LPG variant that is available on the Hyundai Eon as well. The 1.0-litre ending competes with the Alto K10.   Hyundai Eon On road price starts from 3,27,409/-. Check for price details of Hyundai Eon in CarzPrice.

Hyundai Eon Design

Hyundai Eon is targeted at the youth of country and the flowing futuristic looks inspired by the fluidic design language make the car look very stylish. The car does not look like anything like its competitors. Hyundai has designed the car smartly. With the visible lines on both sides of the car, and great detailing done to the grille and headlamps, it does look premium and expensive. The long swept-back headlamps, neatly-designed fog lamp scoops on the bumper, cool-looking grille, creased bonnet and muscular body with design lines flowing right from the headlamps to the tail make the small car very unique in its segment, and surely make it very aggressive and premium. With an overall length of 3495 mm and width of 1500 mm, the Eon is pretty compact and the design lines with the expressive attention to detail make the vehicle look very nice. Hyundai sells the car in bright sizzling colours, like Pristine Blue, Maharaja Red, Sleep Silver and many others, with body-coloured bumpers, making the vehicle a good attraction on road. The quality of materials is not very good but not very bad either. Apart from the thin body it comes with, the quality of plastic and finishing is really good. Hyundai Eon is the best-looking entry-level hatchback by any means. Eon does not offer alloy wheels, but Hyundai has fitted elegant full wheel covers complete with a wheel hub in the Eon.

The wheelbase of Eon is 2380 mm, which provides good stability to the car. Eon is offered in two different sets of wheels according to the trim of the vehicle. The base- and mid-level variants – D Lite, D Lite Plus and Era, get 145/80 12-inch wheels, while the Magna, Magna Plus and Sportz variants get larger 13-inch 155/70 profile tyres. Eon comes with tubeless tyres, which increases the safety of the car.Steel rims are painted in black and covered with a 10-spoke Hyundai’s signature diamond cut type wheel cover. The wheels are connected to McPherson Strut with coil spring and torsion beam for more comfort. The anti-roll bar suspension adds more safety to the Eon.

Hyundai Eon Cabin

The dashboard itself is smartly styled, with the centre console following the hexagonal theme of the Eon’s frontal styling. The dull silver trim also adds a touch of class here. The central AC vents are small and, expectedly, do not have a wide spread. We liked the large, easy-to-use knobs for the AC controls and also the convenient placement of the Aux/USB ports on the music system. The simple instruments that include a speedometer, fuel gauge and temperature gauge (there’s no rev counter) are easy to read on the move. A small digital readout here also indicates ideal gears for best fuel economy. Hyundai has scooped out a useful storage cavity on the top of the glovebox that is large enough to hold a bottle. The front door pockets can also a hold a bottle each and the big glovebox is very useful too.

Drivers will appreciate the good visibility out of the front windscreen, though the thick A pillars do create a small blind spot at T-junctions. Finding a good driving position is simple, and is made easier still by the tilt-adjust steering available on higher variants. Back support from the slender, single-piece front seats is quite good, but their tapering shape means your shoulders are left unsupported. The fixed headrests are a tad short too.

Entering or exiting the rear seat is not all that straightforward and requires you to angle your feet to avoid touching the body. Space at the back is comparable to the Alto’s but much less than in the Tata Nano, which remains the benchmark for roominess. Rear kneeroom is adequate so long as the front occupant doesn’t push his seat all the way back. Headroom, however, is not all that good. Also, the narrow rear windows make the Eon feel smaller than it is. Passengers in the back will also have to make do with a slightly short seat squab and limited shoulder support.Boot space, at 215 litres, is quite good for a car this size. You can even fold the rear seats when more space is needed. However, the loading lip is high and slightly narrow too.

Hyundai Eon Engine

The engine of Hyundai Eon is derived from the reliable Santro workhouse. Even though it is only a 3-cylinder engine, it stays peppy, and with the iRDE technology, the engine of Eon stays reliable and fuel efficient.Hyundai Eon carries an 814 cc, 3-cylinder, 9-valve SOHC engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine derives a maximum power of 55.2 bhp (56 PS) and 7.6 Kgm of peak torque. The engine of the LPG model is similarly powered but returns a better fuel efficiency than the petrol model. The Hyundai Eon can do a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in like 21.1 seconds and the compact hatchback can reach a top-speed of 135 km per hour. The 3-cylinder set-up does vibrate a bit, but that is ignorable given the performance of the vehicle. The Eon comes with a fuel tank capacity of 32 litres while the LPG models get a tank capacity of 32 litres. Hyundai Eon gets an ARAI certificate of 21.1 km per litre, which is exceptional in its class. The car performs very well in the city road conditions but runs out of breath as soon as it sees open highways. Hyundai Eon’s dry weight is less than 800 kilos, with the frugal 3-cylinder engine. With 814 cc displacement and the maximum power of 55.2 bhp, the car can be stamped as a decently-powered hatchback. The 5-speed manual transmission sends the power to the front wheels. The hatchback does alright when it comes to the city traffic speed. Eon can touch the 100 km-per-hour mark from standstill in 21.1 seconds.

The iRDE engine can power the Eon to the speed of up to 135 km per hour. Being small, the engine is peppy and can zip through the road. The LPG version of the vehicle does get some load in form of LPG cylinder but even then, the Eon feels quick and gets its way easily around the traffic. Hyundai has fitted a 3-cylinder, 9-valve engine in the Eon. The engine generates a moderate 55.2 bhp at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.6 Kgm at 4000 rpm. The power is transmitted through a 5-speed manual gearbox. With car weighing just 795 kg, Hyundai Eon never feels underpowered. The car is rated above its main rival Maruti Alto 800. With its small body and frugal engine, the Eon can negotiate most of the city roads with ease.Being a 3-cylinder set-up, the Eon does make noises when ripped hard on open stretches. There are also noticeable vibrations when the car is tested to its limits. The car is not made for open highways and with the kind of engine it comes with, it justifies the price tag and its capability on city roads more than often.

Hyundai Eon Rideing

The Eon borrows the Santro’s five-speed manual gearbox that features a mechanical linkage. Gearshifts on the short-throw ’box are quite notchy, especially in first and second gears, but the light clutch requires little effort to use.What’s good is that highway journeys can be undertaken with piece of mind as the little Eon is quite relaxed even at 80kph and happily cruises at an indicated 120kph. It’s only when travelling with a full load that the Eon feels slightly strained. But as the saying goes, there is no replacement for displacement.

A light steering makes the Eon well suited to Indian city traffic conditions and a tight turning circle allows cheeky moves through traffic. However, the Eon isn’t fun to drive and the uneven feel the steering offers contributes to this. There’s lots of slack around the straight-ahead position, but when you pile on the lock, the steering suddenly quickens to the point of being over-responsive. This takes some getting used to at higher speeds and the quick turn-in can also catch the novice driver off-guard. Another negative is the lack of sufficient self-centering action, so you have to keep a firm hand on the steering at all speeds. View offers on Hyundai Cars from Hyundai dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Hyundai Eon Safety

Hyundai has partly taken care of the safety by equipping the vehicle with a single driver side airbag. The reinforced cage of Eon is remarkably strong and has crumple zones to absorb the impact in an event of collision. There are impact beams on the doors of the car, making it pretty safe and strong.The Eon comes with a single driver airbag, which is available on the top-end variant. The other features are engine immobiliser, fog lamps, impact beam of the doors and the fllor, then there is self restraining seat belts for the driver and passenger. Then there is a remote control security system as well.The brakes on the Eon are decent. It has disc brakes at the front, while the rear has drum brakes. This hatchback doesn’t even offer ABS even as an optional feature.

Hyundai Eon Price

Hyundai Eon Ex-Showroom Price in India ranges from 3,27,409/- (EON D Lite) to 4,64,876/- (EON Magna O Optional). Get best offers for Hyundai Eon from Hyundai Dealers in India

Hyundai Eon Verdict

Straightline stability is adequate and though strong gusts do rock the car, the overall impression is that the Eon is well planted, especially over minor undulations. Low-speed ride quality is another area where it showed a plushness you wouldn’t really associate with a budget city runabout. Yes, it does thump over bumps, but the suspension does a good job of softening the jolt. Over bad roads, the Eon feels out of its comfort zone and the ride isn’t as flat as we would like. There’s a fair amount of vertical movement, owing to its softly sprung setup.Suspension noise is also pretty well contained, though road noise gets intrusive as you go faster. In terms of braking, the Eon offers good feel at the pedal and also doesn’t veer much under panic stops.

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