Before getting into the specifics of SEO, the first thing to understand as a beginner is how search engines work.Chances are, you have used Google thousands of time so far and until now you did not care how it works but only to find what you were looking for fast.Knowing how Google works will help you get an idea of what we want to accomplish with SEO.Search engines have become a part of our daily life. Whenever you have a question, want to learn or buy something, the first thing to do is open Google and perform a search either by typing your query in the Google search box or through voice search.

You expect to find what you are looking for within seconds and you mechanically click one of the top results returned by Google Search.This process is performed around 3.3 billion times per day from users around the globe! In order for Google to be in a position to respond to search requests fast and provide accurate results, they have to do a lot of preparation work in advance. Check For Digital Marketing Companies in Vivid Digital 

Their process is broken down into 2 major steps:

.Crawling and Indexing

.Ranking process (search algorithms)

Crawling and Indexing

During this process Google creates an index of ALL the websites that are publicly available on the Internet.

Think of this like a telephone catalogue but much bigger and instead of keeping names and telephones it keeps key information about a web site like: The unique address of a site (URL), the title of the website, how many pages it has, the type of content, images, internal and external links and many more details that are needed by stage 2 (the ranking process).

To achieve this, Google has a number of programs called spiders (aka crawlers or bots) that crawl the web, gather and enter this information in the Google database for further processing.The crawlers are responsible for finding new pages but also monitoring existing pages for changes.Over the years Google has become really good at this and they can identify and index important information almost instantly (i.e. breaking news like an earthquake).They have hundreds of spiders monitoring the web and a huge database of storing and processing all the information.

Ranking Process and Search Algorithms

When you type a query into the Google search box, Google has to understand what you are looking for and either try to give you a direct answer or present you with a list of websites that are most likely to satisfy your request.

This is the job of search algorithms that run during the ranking process.

Search algorithms are complex computer programs that analyze the data in the Google index and make decisions as to which websites to show in the results for any given query, and at what order.

The Google search algorithm is made up of hundreds of rules but nobody knows exactly what these rules are.

The initial algorithm was created by the Google founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) back in 1996. At the beginning the algorithm was simple but over the years it has become very complex. It is believed that it takes more than 255 factors into account before making a decision.Recently Google incorporated their Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into the search algorithm (this is called RankBrain) so now the ranking decisions are made by both robots and the logic that is maintained by humans. SEO Agency in Hyderabad visit here

Over the years many engineers tried to decrypt the algorithm and understand exactly how ranking works but it still remains Google’s valuable secret.There are some known factors that Google admitted to be part of the algorithm (like page speed, information security (SSL) and mobile friendliness) but the rest were never officially released or admitted by Google.

What about BING and other search engines?

Google is the most popular search engine with more than 60% market share but it’s not the only one. There are other search engines like Bing, Yandex, duckduckgo that hold the other 40% of the market.

In general, whatever optimization changes you make to your website to satisfy the search giant will help your rankings in other search engines as well.

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