Honda Brio Overview

Honda’s small car was launched in India back in the year 2011, and it is one of the oldest offerings in the company’s line-up. Honda’s cute and cheerful hatch had not received any change in the past five years span since its launch. The nip and tuck for the Brio were long overdue as it’s been around for nearly half a decade. Now the hatchback has been provided with the much-needed updates in the 2016 version to take on the competition. The vehicle now receives some cosmetic changes along with the long list of additional features while its engine remains unaltered. View offers on Honda Cars from Honda dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Honda Brio Look

Line with the global trend of a homogenous design language across multiple models, Honda has given a treatment similar to the recently facelifted Amaze. Changes at the front of the new Brio include a new bumper and grille, of which the latter is finished in black unlike the chrome finish on the Amaze. Changes on the side are limited to zero and this seems to be a missed opportunity as the company could’ve offered a new set of larger alloy wheels. That said, the Brio’s overall design still doesn’t look dated but the scope of this facelift could’ve been wider.

At the rear, there are minimal changes including a spoiler and a redesigned cluster for the tail lamps. The Brio has always stood out for sporting a cute and youthful design and the updates in the new one help it looks a bit sharper, especially from the front angle. However, we still feel that the changes should have included some more body panels.

Honda Brio Comfort

The plastic quality of interiors might not be what you expect of a Honda. Clearly, the company has done some cost cutting and it shows. There are some flimsy plastics, which scratch and come off quite easily. However, the overall quality is at par, if not less, than the competition. Although there is enough room to seat five adults in the car, where the car lacks in is the boot space and is a big disappointment. Honda’s engineers have utilized the interior space in a way that maximum space is provided to the occupants while the boot has been relatively ignored, which isn’t big enough to store anything more than your groceries and vegetables.

That said, the car feels airy and fresh, thanks to the large glass areas and the light beige plastics inside. The Honda Brio gets features such as power windows, steering-mounted audio controls, bluetooth and aux-in connectivity, defogger, electric mirrors, cup holders, etc. The car also gets projector halogen headlamps and push button keyless start.The Brio does miss out on the climate control, which could’ve given the car a more luxurious appeal. A dead pedal is sorely missed too, which is a clear oversight on Honda’s part.

Honda Brio Gearbox

The Brio doesn’t feature any changes to its powertrain or other mechanicals and hence there is no change to the way the car drives. Under the hood, there’s the familiar 1.2 litre 4-cylinder, i-VTEC engine, which produces 87 hp and 109 Nm of torque. The car we drove was equipped with a 5-speed torque-convertor automatic transmission. However, buyers can also opt for a 5-speed manual transmission.

The engine does a good job moving the Brio when in a hurry, partly due to the responsive motor that loves to be revved. The light weight of the car also helps performance as well as fuel-efficiency. The peppy motor also ensures that maintaining triple digit speed on the highway is easy and so is overtaking the trucks. The engine is smooth through its revband and even closer to the redline, the sound isn’t annoying. The 5-speed automatic transmission is always eager to upshift in favour of fuel-efficiency and does an acceptable job in the city. Under hard acceleration, though, the unit feels slow as it takes a time to shift through the gears.

Honda Brio Rideing

The Brio is a great city car, thanks to its compact dimensions, a fuel-efficient engine and a light steering. It does a nice job zipping about from point A to point B or just ambling about in the city with quiet restraint. But what happens when you show it a freshly-baked piece of tarmac with no sign of life around it? Well, we’re happy to inform you that this baby Honda keeps up with whatever you throw at it. Open the taps and the Brio reaches three-digit speeds in no time. Play with the revs and you’ll pass 150 kmph. While you are at those speeds, the Honda Brio doesn’t feel out of place. The steering has weighed up, the suspension is keeping the car in poise and there is not much jiggling about from this little performer.

Despite its compact dimensions, the Brio always feels as composed as some large sedans. The car feels tight and can stay like this for days, had it an everlasting fuel supply. NVH levels are well controlled too and little enters the cabin at higher speeds. The i-vtec motor is a smooth operator and goes about its business silently, until you press your right foot in disagreement. Being a light car with 88 PS power under the hood, the car zooms ahead with an effortless bellow, leaving behind most hatches in its wake. There is no hesitation from the motor, which, once past 3500 rpm, gives you the same doses of acceleration addiction as did the old Honda city with its 1.5 i-vtec heart. Like all Hondas, the Brio’s suspension is not suited for low speed use on rough roads. The springs crash and thrash about if you increase the violence and the Brio’s reassured ride stability is compromised. Thanks chiefly to a relatively harder suspension setup, the Brio handles corners with relative ease and composure, albeit with some amount of body roll.

Honda Brio Safety

Brio features disk brake at the front and drum at the rear. For fast runs, the brakes have adequate punch while the pedal bite is also strong. The car comes with ABS and EBD for additional braking safety. Further, the safety of the passenger is ensured by dual front airbags, engine immobilizer, and rear windshield defogger.The braking performance of the Brio is decent and on par with its rivals. The top version comes with ABS, further helping in the braking performance. The 175 mm-wide tyres also provide for a decent braking performance.The front wheels have got ventilated disc brakes while the rear ones have drum brakes. The brakes do a good job in stopping this sprightly little hatch, thanks to the lightness of the car.

Honda Brio Cost in Hyderabad

Honda Brio Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 4,73,795/- (Brio E MT Petrol) to 6,86,945/- (Brio VX AT Petrol). Get best offers for Honda Brio from Honda Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for Brio price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Honda Brio Conclusion

The Brio with the updated design and features certainly makes a more value-for-money proposition than its predecessor. With a slightly sharper design and premium interiors along with new features, the Brio is now more competitive. However, I strongly feel that Honda has played it a bit too safe in terms of updating the car. While it isn’t the clear-cut winner in its segment, the new Brio does make a better case for itself now if you’re in the market for a compact, funky, fuel-efficient and reliable hatchback. The new Brio’s prices are mentioned below:

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